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British helmet netting color?

not having any color references...
Can anyone here tell me if, generally, British helmet netting color differed from US netting and were there any 'standard' size meshes used?
I'm bashing a couple of Arnhem paratroopers and a couple of 50th Division infantry in Normandy and I'm at a loss as far as color...
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Kev Longino
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IIRC the small mesh helmet netting worn by US troops within the D-Day timeframe was in fact British netting that was issued to them in reverse lend lease. It was generally a dark khaki colour.
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Wartime British nets came in myriad variation. They were made in light and dark green, tan, light or dark brown, often knotted cord, sometimes a woven material. Mesh sizes are generally known to collectors as 'small' which is about 1/2 inch squares, 'medium' about 3/4 inch squares or 'large' i1 inch+ squares (though often as not this is not actually British made or specifically helmet net). For 50th Div. in Normandy the medium mesh type predominates in the darker shades of either brown or green. The unit was re-fitted before D-Day having served in the Med. and they seems to have received the medium mesh net for at least 90% of units. The older BBi net is a good alternative for this either left mid-green or dyed darker brown or green, personally I'd go with brown. For Airborne troops in Arnhem either the small or mdeium mesh nets again were most common, somtimes 2 nets were worn for extra effect (could be 2 small mesh nets, a small and a medium mesh etc.) or the individual camouflage face veil/scrim net was used aswell as/instead of an issue net.
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