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Kampfgruppe Edelweiss Discussion of Historical Information Related to German Ground Forces in WWII. Hosted by Gebirgsjäger Historian and Collector Patrick Kiser (Heeresbergführer)

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Originally Posted by johnro6659";p=&quot View Post
Thanks, I know they are not close to being done and I can't find a few parts I had for them. I also have a box with DiD and DML equipment from their Gebirgsjäger figures I bought loose. Things are hectic here I have a ton of stuff to straighten out here and I'll come across the stuff soon as I unearth the boxes of German stuff. I do have a question. I have both DiD and DML pioneer equipment, did the Gebirgsjäger have Pioneers/Demolition troops?


By the way I forgot to mention probably because I was in awe this in my first post here your collection of the real thing is awesome! I wish I hade the room and dough to collect W.W.II German memorabilia.
Grüß Di' Jäger Johann,

Yes the Gebirgsjägers most certainly had Gebirgspioniere! They were very vital to the breakthrough of the MATAXAS LINE in the mountains of Northern Greece. They had and used all the Demolition stuff...though they did not use the side or back pouches, just the big mountain rucksack.

Here is the breakdown of a standard Gebirgsjäger Division in 1941:

Division Headquarters
1 Staff Company (2 LMGs)
1 (mot) Mapping Detachment

2 Gebirgsjäger Regiments, each with:
1 Regimental Staff Company
1 Signals Platoon
1 Regimental Band

3 Gebirgsjäger Battalions, each with:
3 Gebirgsjäger Companies (12 LMGs, 2 HMGs,
and 3x50mm Mortars each)

1 Heavy Gebirgsjäger Company, with:
- Infantry Support Gun Section (2x75mm leIG)
- Mortar Platoon (6x80mm Mortars)
- Gebirgs Heavy Machine Gun Platoon (4 Geb. HMGs)
- Gebirgs Pioneer Platoon (3 LMGs)
- Gebirgs Signals Platoon

1 Infantry Support Gun Section (2x150mm sIG)
1 Bicycle Platoon
1 Gebirgs (mot) Panzerjäger Company (12x37mm PAK36 and 4 LMGs)
1 Light (horse-drawn) Gebirgs Supply Column

Reconnaissance Battalion (tmot)
3 Bicycle Companies (2 HMGs, 12 LMGs, and 3x50mm Mortars)
1 Heavy (mot) Company (2x75mm leIG, 2x50mm Mortars, 8 HMGs,
and 6x80mm Mortars)
1 Panzerjäger Platoon (3x37mm PAK36, 1 LMG)

Panzerjäger Battalion
1 (mot) Signals Platoon
2 (mot) Panzerjäger Companies (8x37mm PAK36, 4 LMGs)

Gebirgs Artillery Regiment
1 Staff Battery
1 Gebirgs Signal Platoon
1 (mot) Weather Detachment
1 Regimental Band

3 Gebirgs Battalions, each with:
Gebirgs Signals Platoon
Gebirgs Calibration Detachment
3 Batteries (4x105mm leFH18, 2 LMGs each)

1 Geirgs Battalion, with:
Gebirgs Signals Platoon
Gebirgs Calibration Detachment
3 Batteries (4x150mm sFH, 2 LMGs each)

Gebirgsjäger Feldersatz Battalion
3 Infantry Companies (9 LMGs, 2 HMGs, and 3x50mm
Mortars each)
1 Infantry Company ( 2x75mm leIG, 6x80mm Mortars)

Gebirgs Signals Battalion
1 (mot) Radio Company
1 (mot) Signals Company
1 (mot) Telephone Company
1 Light (mot) Signal Supply Column

Gebirgs Pioneer Battalion
1 Staff Signals Platoon
1 (mot) Pioneer Company (9 LMGs)
2 (horse-drawn) Gebirgs Pioneer Companies (9 LMGs each)
1 (mot) "B" Bridging Train
1 Light (mot) Supply Column

Divisional Support Units
Medical Service
2 (horse-drawn) Medical Companies
1 (horse-drawn) Field Hospital
2 Ambulance Columns

Commissary Service
1 (mot) Bakery Company
1 (mot) Butcher Company
1 Divisional Quartermaster Detachment

Supply Train
7 Light (mot) Supply Columns
1 Light (horse-drawn) Supply Column
2 Light (mot) Fuel Supply Columns
1 (mot) Maintenance Company
1 (horse-drawn) Gebirgs Supply Company

1 Veterinary Company
1 (mot) Military Police Platoon
1 (mot) Field Post Office

Well that's probably more than what you wanted to know...but there it is.

As to my collection...I've spent more money on some of these 1/6th scale things than on the 1/1 things. By looking at what 1/6th scale armor goes for, you can buy some really nice 1/1 Gebirgsjäger Militaria for that kind of dough!!! I try not to spend "BIG" bucks on my collection...I like the hunting and searching for the unknown gems. Several months ago I found a nice original Bergmütze for under $100. I've seen similar ones sell for $2300!!!! Just takes patience and time.

Mit einem kameradschaftlichen Horrido!
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