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Loic's Tiger I #712 Crew, Tunisia 1943

Tiger I #712 Crew
7th Company
III Battalion, Pz Rgt 7
(Prev. of Sch.Pz.Abt.501)
Sidi-Nen-Sir, Tunisia
February 26 1943

First of all, I DO NOT have a DAK Tiger I !!
Two weeks ago, Loic from Field of Armor approached me to see if I would be interested in making some figures for his, in progress, DAK Tiger I. I seldom take on commissions and have been all but inactive since last summer. But the thought of putting a crew together for such a nice beast energized me and I was off and running only a day later. Meet Loic’s Tiger I #712 crew from left to right: Loader(Private), Gunner (Unteroffizier), Commander (Unterfeldwebel), Driver(Obergefreiter) and MG/Radio operator (Gefreiter).

I love DAK figures and vehicles, but what I enjoy the most is getting my vehicles, crews and groups “out in the yard”. I have no way of “modelling”Africa in my yard, s my DAK projects are very limited. Many years ago I put together a 250/1 for a friend. Took that one out to the beach before delivering him the vehicle. I have a PzIII and the quintessential 250/3 Greif planned, but even those two vehicles will have such limited “playability” that I keep postponing their construction.

Here are the details of this crew. Initially Loic was looking for 2-3 figures, but if I was going to do it it had to be a full crew. I have built many DAK figures and DAK tankers along the way (including a full crew for my old Flak36) but I had not yet tackled a full DAK tank crew. Several firsts in the parts I used. It is the first time that I go with premium HS on a crew. I only added a relatively light (for me) wash to the eyes, nose and ears. The HS were great to begin with so I only wanted to add to the contrast a bit. It was also the first time that I used Soldier Story wrist pegs in a figure. I had been looking for a way to use the nicer SS and DID hands with DML nudes. For many years I have used the older DID hands by switching the wrist posts to DML. But this is not possible with the newer and fancier DID (and SS) hands. My good friend Jaime (Montañez) mentioned that the SS with its long post could be used as is so I began accumulating them. Not easy as there are not that many offerings and part providers seem to be fewer and fewer. But over the last year I have been able to accumulate several and used them here for the first time. They are PERFECT! Just slide in and out and the various variations of hands are extremely nice. You will notice I used fisted hands, two different relaxed hands and a pair of the “grabbing” pieces so that Loic can mix and match as per his requirements.
Loic’s Tiger I is number 712. In late February of 1943 the Tiger I’s and PzIIIN’s of the heavy Pz Abt 501 were integrated as the III Battalion of 7.Panzer Regiment. The 1st Company became the 7th Company and the 2nd Company became the 8th Company. That explains the vehicle’s number starting with 7.
The details of the parts are as follows. The HS are DID: Gunner is Lutz the WWI German, the Commander is Chicago gambler /Johnny Depp, MG/Radioman is Christian the figure with the 120mm mortar and the Loader is Joseph the DID communications man. The Driver is a HS from HT but I do not remember which.
The shirts are from BGT and DML. The tunics are all DML except the commanders which is from DID. All the hats are from DML, CVI insignia and scratch-built soutache in a couple of cases. For variety went with a regular black sidecap and a field gray sidecap with soutache. I had initialy planned for two figures to wear the olive DML Field Cap, but the more I saw this cap the less impressed I was with its visor. It just looked too short. So I replaced them with another light tan Field Cap and the field gray sidecap. I included one of the olive Field Cap for Loic in case he prefers that look. On the loader figure, with its relatively smaller head, the cap looks almost ok! Trousers are I believe all DML but not sure, maybe one of the breeches is DID. The tall lace up boots are from Soldier Story, the low tropical shoes are from Newline and the regular low boots are from DID. First time I use one of any of these boots. Belts from DML, holster from DID. Goggles, all different, are all from DML I believe, except for the commanders that I believe are from Pat Lin. Binoculars from DML. Insignia are from DML and CVI as are the shoulder insignia and death heads on the lapels and medals.

Here are some more images of the crew and of the individual figures. I made a generic base to be able to photograph the crew. I will post a separate WIP thread showing the progress of the crew and the base.

Commander (Unterfeldwebel)

Gunner (Unteroffizier)

Driver (Obergefreiter)

MG/Radio (Gefreiter)


With sidecap

With Olive Field Cap


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Re: Loic's Tiger I #712 Crew, Tunisia 1943

Great stuff E! The crew came out great and Loic, I'm certain, will be pleased. The uniforms look great and the head sculpts are great choices.


Get a hobby and relax!
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Re: Loic's Tiger I #712 Crew, Tunisia 1943

He is a lucky man indeed to receive such fine figures
Got to love those Africaners
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Re: Loic's Tiger I #712 Crew, Tunisia 1943

Eduardo, so awesome! Tiger #712 will be so glad to welcome its crew onboard. Now you gave me a "kick in the bum" to finish this tank with early wheels and the rest of the 6SI Feifel Unit. Ton already put a nice painting job on this beast... 712 had some extra tracks on the front hull

“Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both.” Erwin Rommel
"Field of Armor Tanks LLC"
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Re: Loic's Tiger I #712 Crew, Tunisia 1943

Figures look great as always!!!!
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Re: Loic's Tiger I #712 Crew, Tunisia 1943

Gorgeous work on the crew Eduardo
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Re: Loic's Tiger I #712 Crew, Tunisia 1943

Awesome figures Edwardo. The headsculpts and painting are exceptional. They will look great on the Tiger.
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Re: Loic's Tiger I #712 Crew, Tunisia 1943

Originally Posted by egonzinc View Post
First of all, I DO NOT have a DAK Tiger I !!
Well, that's a shame, Eduardo!

Your commissioned crew looks sharp! The variation between the figures is on point - tall desert boots for some of the ranking members of the crew, the variation in goggles (love the Pat Lin goggles), the cap, pants and tunic choices and variation - all superb!

Well done on this crew!
Makes me want to dig some DAK stuff out and work on them… right after I finish all of my American projects…

Better still - this commission work inspired you to start another hobby project and post it on the boards. More of which we need from everyone!

Again - great job, Eduardo!

Sixth Scale Collectors Club - Cincinnati, Ohio

The SSCC on Facebook
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