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Armor Hobbies SdKfz 250 Challenge Contest Contest Entry Submissions Begin 12/15/05

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6th Army Group Contest - Armor Hobbies 250 Challenge Rules

We are pleased to announce the Armor Hobbies SdKfz 250 Challenge Contest is about to begin. The contest will open for entry posting shortly. The duration for entry submittal will be 60 days. A complete list of prizes will be posted in a seperate thread, the base prize will be an Armor Hobbies SdKfz 250 kit donated by SAG friend and supporter, Toy Chest & Collectibles.

The basic thrust of this contest is to demonstrate what can be achieved with an AH 250 kit. There will be closed judging as well as a "Peoples Choice Award". The criteria for judging are as follows:

1. Accuracy of the model.
2. Accuracy of the paint scheme and markings.
3. Level of effort applied to additional items not included in the kit.
4. Photography.
5. Overall effect of achieving realism.
6. Overall visual impact.

Up to 10 points will be awarded to each criteria, totaled and averaged for a final score. Each model will be judged on it's own merits and not compared to other models in the contest. There will be a poll vote for the Peoples Choice Award.

Rules for entry submissions are as follows:

1. You may submit up to 10 photographs of your model.
2. Photographs will not exceed 800X600 pixels.
3. Collage photographs will not be permitted.
4. If possible, include at least 1 closeup photograph of the model so judges and members can evaluate the fit and finish of your project.
5. 1 figure may be included in your photographs however it will not be considered for voting purposes.
6. You may edit your photograph to eliminate or add a background however photoediting will NOT add or subtract from your score.
7. Your entry should be posted in the special AH 250 contest forum. You will title your thread with your username, eg. "Sixty Drivers Contest Entry".
8. If you do not have a photo host you can set up an album here at the SAG. If you have troubles with this you can contact Sgt Rock, he will guide you through the process.
9. You should include as much information as possible relevant to your model including modifications, historical information if applicable etc. Keep in mind that this is your opportunity to explain your models features and the effort involved in it's construction.

Good luck to all!
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