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Project - 'DAK' - MG34 position

G'day all,

Been awhile and for those tracking (so to speak) my diorama series on the Armor/Mech folder this one (the first befitting a thread on 'Ground Pounders') is another on the production line.

This scene will show a shallow shell scrape dug out of the harsh North African landscape to enhance the story of Machine gun Battalion 8 which featured prominently in the first year of the Western Desert Campaign; particularly the so-called 'siege' of Tobruk in 1941 (where it was almost wiped-out against stout defence by the Australian and British garrison.

I had thought of reconditioning a similar position I had built for the 2019 101st Airborne in Normandy series but thought I might need that more European scene for future displays so a fresh build it be using the same materials as the American airborne .30 Cal pos (ref my early threads covering the 101st in Normandy series).

I'm using a thinner base this time around and have covered it with a sand mat. I then applied a mix of 'Wood and Scenics' sand and light brown course ballast over a base of craft glue and then generously sprayed over it with adhesive to seal the deal. Once cured, I'll then get onto the fun bits.

The MG34 will be in mounted on a Lafette 34 tripod in alternate configuration, that is with its rear legs remaining locked in carriage position with the front leg extended forward and the whole mount resting on its rear feet. This position provided a lower silhouette and highly suitable for shallow MG positions firing on fixed lines which the Lafette was primarily designed for.

The 2-man crew will be dressed and equipped accordingly (using the old DML German FJR Willi/Joseph figure mortar team figs) and the MG34 accessories including spare ammo containers, spent casings and such. Crew equipment, sandbags and personal items to finish.

Should be a relatively easy build then, with that break over, back onto the FoA '88 Flak gun.

More pics to follow...enjoy, Steve
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Re: Project - 'DAK' - MG34 position

Love the project! This link has some neat reminiscences of Afrika with really well done sketches & drawings. He shows some cool details that might interest you.

There are also some documents about german field fortifications on the eastern front. This one in particular may be of use as it shows the “textbook” way of MG emplacements. Not necessarily the real way but the textbook way.

I look forward to seeing your progress!
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Re: Project - 'DAK' - MG34 position

Cheers for those links, muchly appreciated. Kurt Caesar's illustrations are known to me thru a book a bought from a second-hand bookshop when I was collecting for my primary research on DAK titled 'Rommel's Year of Victory' which is loaded with Caesar's work supporting text by James Lucas (author of a few works covering the German side of things); published by Greenhill Books 1998.

The hardcover book contains over 70 of his illustrations and, as you said, is a superb resource for ideas. Kurt travelled with the DAK primarily as an interpreter given he was German/Italian and was renown before the war not only as an artist but as a journalist which puts additional value in terms of the detail in his drawings.

The link you kindly attached contains a majority of the book published in 1943 which also featured a forward by Rommel. Cheers again, Steve
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Re: Project - 'DAK' - MG34 position

Best of luck on this project, Steve!

I like how it is starting for sure!

fusilier1944 - awesome links! Thank you for sharing them!

- Fred
Sixth Scale Collectors Club - Cincinnati, Ohio

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Re: Project - 'DAK' - MG34 position

G'day all,

Thanks very muchly Fred, just as a belated update to this diorama base, it'll be repurposed to suit a scene for next year's Project - 'Green Devil' series. Namely Ramcke Brigade North Africa as a paratrooper-manned MG34 heavy mount weapons pit so save for the type of figures it'll ostensibly be the same scene.

Cheers, Steve
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