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D-Day Conneaut reenactment time again

Hello all. Wanted to post that the D-Day Conneaut reenactment is coming up here quickly. Great reenactment as all groups that were at the real thing are represented on this fine day. Check out the site and please let me know what you think and also if you are planning on attending as I would love to meet people from the board here and plan on doing a dio at this event in the near future if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking and look forward to your comments and any questions if you have them.
Thanks SHEP

P.S. Mods if this is the wrong area to post this then please move it for me and I apologize but I wanted to get this out and just saw the date today as it was in September the last two years.
" If you threaten Finns, they do not become frightened--they become angry. And they never surrender." Eino Ilmari Juutilainen-Finland's Ace of Aces
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