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B Hellqvist
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Panzergrenadier Unterfeldwebel, 115. PzGr-Regt, Sicily 1943

The 15th Panzergrenadier Division was created in July, 1943, from the remains of the 15th Panzer Division, which was destroyed in Tunisia in May that year. One of the units thus resurrected was the 115. Panzergrenadier-Regiment, which was one of the three Panzergrenadier regiments in the division.

My bash is loosely based on a picture of a German PoW, and is my first Italian Front figure. As a veteran of the North African campaign, he’s entitled to wear the “Afrika” cuff title. He holds the rank of an Unterfeldwebel, or sergeant.

I choose “Mel”, as he has a tough, no-nonsense look about him. Besides, the paintjob on the headsculpt is more suitable for the MTO, as it isn’t as pale as more recent DML figures.

The tunic was modified by adding NCO collar tress and NCO shoulderboards. I used CVI insignia for this. It was a bit fiddly applying the tress on the repained DML shoulderboards, but it turned out fine. The cuff title, collar patches and breast eagle are from CVI, too. The silver Infantry Assault Badge came with the uniform, but was repainted in order to look like the Panzergrenadier bronze variety. The Iron Cross ribbon was adjusted, as it had been rather sloppily applied. The cap came with Luftwaffe insignia; these were removed with acetone, but left a smear not covered by the new insignia, which prompted me to repaint the cap with Vallejo acrylics. While the paint dried, I shaped the crown of the cap.

The bayonet strap was adjusted by shortening it and adding a small stud. The canteen got some additional weathering, and the straps were replaced with real web straps.

Figure: Dragon “Mel”
Uniform tunic: BBi “Rudi Kessling”, modified
Camo trousers: Twisting Toyz
Cap: Dragon “Ulrich Schafer”, modified
Shirt, boots, belt: Dragon
Scarf: BBi
Weapon: Dragon MP40
Magazine pouch: Dragon
Bayonet: BBi, modified
Binoculars: Dragon
Map case: Dragon
Canteen: Dragon, modified
Insignia: CVI

A rather simple figure, he was nevertheless a fun change of pace after tons of field grey. Usually, I try to research the figure before piecing it together, but in this case I got inspired first, bashed the figure and then sort of reverse-researched him, looking for a suitable unit and making the necessary changes. Not a method I recommend, but it was fun trying to get out of the corner I had painted myself into.
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Nice figure. Dig the shades. First glance from the waist up brought me back images of George Peppard in "Tobruk".
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great looking figure
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Great looking figure...great choice of HS too.

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