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British Paratroop Medic question


Company Commander
Would it be appropriate for a para medic to carry a sidearm (pistol)?

I seem to recall that german medics did, americans did not, but I don't know about the brits.

I'm working through all of my spare british stuff to finish up my paras, and the medic is one of the last few to be done.

Thanks in advance for any info!

By 'medic' are you referring to M.Os (Medical Officers), S.Bs (Stretcher Bearers), or Medical Orderlies?

The Bn M.O (attached from the RAMC) was, by regulations, issued with a .38 revolver & 12 rounds (for defense of wounded etc.).

Stretcher Bearers (which were part of a Regiment rather than the RAMC) seem to vary. They may have carried .38 revolvers, or a rifle, or be unarmed. It seems it may have come down to individual preference, availablity of arms, or (possibly) C.O's orders.

Medical Orderlies of RAMC Field Ambulances were unarmed, this dictated by their non-combatant role.

In relation to the Paras, an Airborne Medical Orderly of a RAMC Field Ambulance on page 101 of 'The World War II Tommy in Colour Photographs' by Martin Brayley & Richard Ingram is shown as unarmed, using his basic pouches to carry shell dressings. These photos are of a model wearing the kit, rather than period photos, so not definitive, but do at least provide a guide to the kit worn by an Airborne Medical Orderly.

Hope this helps,
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When i was at the Detling show in 2008, i got to speak to some member's of a living history group, and i asked about the carrying of the sidearms as a medic. And i was told the same as AB64 has said, in that the firearms were only carried for self defence of the wounded, and in extreme cases it could be used to end a soldier's suffering.

Some pictures i took are below.

Gary's Detling 2008 Page

Thanks for the opinions and the references. I think I'll bash mine up with a pistol (as much because I have one lying around as anything else), and see how that looks. Now all I have to do is find the shell dressing bags I mocked up a few years back...too much stuff laying around!

Thank you again for the help.

When I'm done I'll post a pic of the whole group. Think it's around 15 or 20....
If you are going to give him a pistol, avoid the holster and stick it in a pocket, belt or one of the basic pouches. For display purposes, the butt can show.