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Tom Sawyer

With the soon to be released jake McNiece figure I was wondering what was the weapons make-up of the Filthy 13? How many had M-1's, How many had Thompson's and how many had carbines? I was just wondering, especially since I was bashing figures that they were based on or had face paint with Corbin, William, 2 Ricky's, 2 George's and now Jake. Thanks in advance for the answer.
There is an excellent painting of the group based on photos. It depicts them getting ready to board their aircraft . You'll recognize some of the poses from photos. I don't have a copy saved to post but do an image search for the filthy 13 and it pops up right away. (you may want to make sure your safe search is on if you do an image search for filthy 13 and there are young folks present :shock: )

I mention this painting because it shows a variety of weapons and seems pretty logical for a group like this. I've never read Jake McNieces book to see if he specifies what everyone was kitted out with, but I doubt if all these years later any one remembers accurately who carried what. You could go off the rails with this and obsess about who had rigger modified uniforms and who didn't. How many of the guys had extra pockets sewn on their sleeves. (some did for sure) I think if you bash your group and some one tries to call you on it you can safely tell them where to go. Only the individual guys really know the answers and most of them are long gone.