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Panzercommander HOH

Met Fred through a trade and everything went as smooth as expected. Great guy to deal with and to share the hobby with!
Fred saw I was looking for some items and recommended some stuff on his FSL. Got some great stuff from Fred, great price, the items were packed well, sent ASAP.

Thanks Again!
Just finished up my first deal with fred and couldn't be happier. Paid promptly and maintained steady comms throughout. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
Made an over the phone deal with Fred for some vehicles, His payment arrive promptly. Nice friendly guy to deal with..

I have just finished another faultless sale with Fred.

Great communication, super fast payment and no problems whatsoever.

Add me to Fred's posts of great transactions! Received payment same day as deal was made. Would not hesitate to deal with him again. :rock:
Just complete another great deal with Fred, communication shipping etc top notch, thanks Fred, looking forward to future dealings :!:
Another smooth transaction with Fred. Always a great guy to deal with, highly recommended. Great communications, great prices, great packing and quick shipping.


Just completed another exchange with Fred, super fast delivery(mailed Saturday, I received today/Monday), great communications, great guy to deal with, thanks Fred, you 'da man!!! :rock:
Purchased some spare parts from Fred and can’t say enough good things. Great communication, fast shipping, well packaged.

Thanks Fred !
Been awhile since I've done a trade but great experience with Fred. Thanks again, man. Can't wait for you to see what I've used your trade items for.
Completed another purchase from Fred recently. Everything thing was as described, packed with care and shipped at break-neck speed. Thanks Fred !!!