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bugler oxfordshire & buckinghamshire light infantry ww2


hi, my friends - happy new year!!!!
this is my bugler of Normandy





Awesome...always a treat to see the 'Red Devils' and well visualised with your effort...up the Ox and Bucks. Steve
He's come out very well.
There are a couple of points : the Ox & Bucks were an Airlanding , Glider-borne Regiment, so would wear the standard Battledress trousers, not the Parachutists type with the special pockets.
And his webbing would probably be Blancoed one of the several possible shades of green.

I have been trying to find out the usual armament of buglers in action for years, but the Sten seems a likely answer. The other question is whether he acted as a bugler in action ( probably very rare ) or as a Stretcher-Bearer, which was the normal role of musicians.
"bugle is made in Tony Barton"

Thanks for that. I thought I'd seen it somewhere, and you solved that. I notice in the above view that the bugle has an ox and bucks badge on it. Dose that come molded in, or did you attach it?