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Making my 3D designs available on Cults

Market Garden

My love of the Dragon Model 1/6th scale kits and what they were missing, created a desire to produce detail items for them. With the rise in popularity of 3D printing, and my membership in the local Make It community, I started learning 3D design.

Over the years I have developed models to add to the Dragon Model Kits, mostly the Kettenkrad and the M4A3 Sherman. I recently created an account at Cults


where I am offering my models. I hope you visit sometime and check out what I have made so far. I have many more in the works, that I am tweaking so they all fit together well. In the end, I hope to have a full interior for the Sherman tank, as well as a full engine and exhaust system for the Kettenkrad.



Sherman Hull ventilator (rotated upside down for printing, mounts to the roof of the hull between driver and hull gunner). Note the hole on this side of the electrical box is for the power supply to the fan motor, the one on the other side supplies power to the hull gunner's interior (dome) light.



Kettenkrad Intake/Exhaust manifold (a devil for me to design, but great for learning 3D)



Kettenkrad Muffler. tail pipe and exhaust pipe section