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PAK 36 Build

Thanks guys.
A few more shots of some minor details.
I added the box strap for this part. I cut the strap off one of the sight boxes for an MG 42 sight.

I beveled this part for the lower shield. This makes it easier to lock and open it.

I inserted a piece here to reduce the diameter of the barrel to make it smaller for a 37mm round.

I cut off the suspension arms to position them in the firing position. The arms were originally too high up. I also added the front levers that lock the arms in place and the rear levers that adjust the suspension arm.
Updates on the base.
The two gray levers in the kit are for locking the trailing arms in place. The kit has them too far forward. I had already glued them in place, so I had to cut them off and place them further back. The two white pieces up front would be for locking the lower front shield to the base. The square white piece would be where the traverse locking mechanism for the carriage locks to the base for when the gun is being transported. The two long gray pieces are there just to stabilize the gun carriage. I have no idea what the other two rings are for, but they are on all the bases in the photographs that I have looked at, so I just glued two white rings to the base.
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I cut off the piece that attaches the traverse arm to the carriage so I could straighten it out.


I added a little screw to this piece to make it a little mor realistic (beside that, the pieces kept falling apart).
A few more shots.
I cut off the large nut that was molded into the trailing arm. It was out of place. I also added the rivets.


Close up of the carrying strap hooks.
Thanks a lot for all the kind words.
The gun sight will probably be the last piece I mess with. Will have to wait for some warmer weather to paint it. I paint my stuff in the garage, but the weather is so cold that I have to keep all the doors closed and my wife can't stand the fumes.



The scope can actually be inseted and removed from the holder.