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SdKfz 250 project


Company Commander
With some more spare time available for the hobby, I've decided to finally finish a project that I started back in 2013 (!): an Armour Hobbies Sd.Kfz 250.
Back in 2013, a company called Panzerwerks sold 1/6 parts to customize and improve the basic AH kit and I puchased some items of them. Another company called 1/6th Icons also supplied many beautiful accessories also. Both companies have gone out of business and their products are no longer available.
Since 2013 I have taught myself how to use CAD software to create 3d models and how to setup and operate both 3d resin and FDM printers. I feel confident that I'm able to improve on some of the parts I purchased.
So here are some pictures of where the project was paused in 2013.
More updates will follow soon!IMG_5459.JPGIMG_5460.JPGIMG_5462.JPGIMG_5463.JPGIMG_5464.JPGIMG_5465.JPGIMG_5466.JPG
Looks great. :!:
Really good to see the old AH 250 still going all these years later.
Seeing this really makes me want to get the old Panzerwerk parts going again. Time and real life always seems to get in my way.
I spent 2023 fostering 21 kittens and their mothers and only just managed to get the last one forever homed at the start of the year.
Funny that just this evening I was working on setting up some new shelving to help organize the Panzerwerk masters.
Odd how things work :P
Much of a vehicle's or tank's look is defined by the wheels or tracks and the stock tracks were always an eye sore to me. So I deciced to create my own tracks. Also the kit came with two left hand sprocket wheels. Not sure if it's a common problem with this kit, but the sprocket wheels dictate how the tracks are oriented and with the provided sprocket wheels the tracks would point in opposite directions... So I also created a left and right hand sprocket wheel. Once I had done that, I deciced to also create new road and idler wheels.
My printer has been running almost constantly this week and I alsmost have two complete sets of track links, and sprocket/road/idler wheels. I was able to test fit one side of the SdKfz. Attached are some pictures of the proces. The track currently don't have the 'rubber' blocks as they will be printed separately so thay can be easily spray painted before glueing them to the track links.IMG_5455.JPGIMG_5457.JPGIMG_5467.JPG

Original stock track and running gear:

My new tracks and running gear:IMG_5505.JPG