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Fields of Armor / Loic Anthian

Fields of Armor / Loic Anthian

It pains me to write this but after 16 months of constant run arounds, no communications, lack of request for pictures, and basically bad customer service overall, Iím writing to warn anyone of utilizing or purchasing anything from Fields of Armor LLC that is managed by Loic Anthian.

The whole episode began back in September 2018 after I commissioned Loic to build a 1/6 Panzer IV Ausj. J model. Iíve worked with Loic before on a commission build of a Sd.kfz 164 Nashorn that was intended for my Father-in-Law whose father served in the schwere Heeres-Panzerjšger-Abteilung 88 ( It took a while to accomplish the project, nearly 15 months starting in December 2016, and minus a few times when he didnít get back to me for a month or two everything was fine; monthly progress reports, pictures, questions to clarify, final approval pictures. Minus FedEX nearly destroying the model and me painstakingly taking the next five months to fix everything went fine. So well in fact that was when I commissioned a Panzer IV for me.

After going back and forth on the details of the commission and setting it up to be a late model Ausj J from the 7. Panzer-division I purchased the kit and the extra add-ons for $1401.50 on September 27th 2018. It was also discussed of a figure to be purchased from their Master Figure Builder for the project which I agreed upon as well. The target timeframe quoted by Loic is about a six month turn around so aiming towards Late February/Early March of the following year after completion of another commission of two Panzer V commission from Kampfgruppe Peiper Ardennes í44.

Around February 17th 2018 I sent an email inquiring about the status of the project. I got a quick reply back stating that the two panthers were being completed and mine would be next. The spring newsletter even stated that it would be a Spring Project. Then came May 2018 when I suddenly saw on their FB Group and SAG of their newest project 8.8 cm Flak 36 on a commission build with a crew. Imagine my surprise when I saw this, checked my email and newsletter three times to make sure I hadnít miss read something and began to wonder ĎI was told I was next and now where did this come fromí? Then others started to comment on the thread looking to commission a build for the Flak 36 which Loic was more than happy to inform them to send them an email.
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