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So I took a break from the Pak 35 and did this too!

Well yes I get carried away but when you spend the time to jazz up the gun then you have to add some detail to other mundane parts as well. Hence the ammo and can~

I found a few reference pictures and a few members also sent me links or pic's too (many thanks to you all for that!!)

I replaced the hokey hinge with modified brass hinges from Nelson Hobbies (great stuff!!). Then tried my best to drill out the holes for the dummy rounds but ended up with a twisted mess. I ended up making a new shell tray but since the tubing was the wrong size I had to modify it too by cutting a section out and glueing it back together.

The handle mount was also redone to the more correct style and the wooden hand part drilled from the original and 19 guage wire used for the rest of it. Making the "egg crate" for the shells was the hardest part of the whole thing but now I have 2 of these beauties for future use.

Also note the "red" line on the round should be copper. Don't know why Dragon painted them the way they did but then again ......

Should anyone know what info was stenciled on the rounds please post it here. I have a few pictures of the ammo can stencils but again more info is better than the scraps I have now.
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