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Is Flickr preparing to pull a Photobucket on us?

I got this strange email the other day. It looks as though Flickr is going to start deleting all formerly free, private photos over the new maximum of fifty (down from one thousand). The options are join/pay up, or convert all private photos to public ones, a process that apparently takes picture one at a time ...

Here's the message:

"Hi ******,

Your account is currently in violation of Flickr’s new free account limits. Any photos that do not adhere to these limits will soon be at risk of removal, and removing photos is not something we enjoy doing. At all. See below for how to get your account back in good standing.

You have more than 50 non-public photos on your free account.

To avoid the removal of photos in violation of this limit, please do one of the following: subscribe to Flickr Pro

Change your privacy settings to make excess photos public.
Download excess non-public photos and remove them from your Flickr account.
Subscribe to Flickr Pro for 20% off. (Or save 25% with a two-year plan.)
Photo removals for accounts in violation of these limits will begin May 17, 2022.

Thanks for getting your account in-line with our new limits, and thanks for being part of the Flickr community.

-The Flickr Team"

0-6 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr

0-10 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr

0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr

0 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr

0-4 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr

0-6 by Stephen Duffy, on Flickr

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Re: Is Flickr preparing to pull a Photobucket on us?

Does sound like photobucket scheme to get you to upgrade to a pay for storage account. Pull you and then change how the game is played.
Good kill..........
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