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Re: peadot comparison

Originally Posted by Magoo View Post
Hi, Im Magoo from the Philippines. I'm currently building a Waffen SS platoon and I'd like to share a comparison of the various peadot unis I'm using and solicit some comments. (L-R) medic -the old DML peadot from the carded set, Shouting guy- Soldier story version Wiking grenadier, anemic guy with the STG- current peadot uni from DML, last is the Light pea dot from the old DML carded sets. IMO it seems the Soldier story version is kinda "off", I'd like to know what you guys think before I purchase some more to show some variation in the unit.

I am going from memory here, but I believe the lighter background shade of pea dot is the '43 version and the version with the darker background is the '44 pattern. The two DML versions on the left and second from right are the same, though one is faded. The Soldier Story version is the same as the DML version on the far right. DML's lighter version is faded again. Weather the Soldiers Story version and you are good to go. Uniforms were anything but!
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