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I don't believe it ! There are so many great figures in this contest. So many phenominal artists. I am totally blown away. Thank you ! Thank you to the vendors and folks who supplied the prizes. Special thanks again goes to all of you behind SAG and for having a great forum with a great bunch of guys and cool contests. I was just telling Dougmo that figures weren't my forte. Lots of stiff competition and congrats to all for participating. Lots of great bashes and inspiration. This is how its done and its only done on SAG.

I just noticed something on my figure thats kinda weird. Check it out

Modified m-43 pile cap - GI Joe/Hasbro
Tanker jacket/goggles/c-rations - Dragon
Tanker bibs - BBI
Sweater - 21st century
Belt and Helmet - DID
Boots - Newline/ Graham Court
Rank insignia-- Pangea95/Randy Stone
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