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Re: M44 Peadot Tunic Question

Originally Posted by original paintbrush View Post
When first made, the M43/44 uniform was factory made with sleeve eagles and shoulderboard insignia (with loops). This was the first variation. It was also done in other patterns than Dot (and you can find soldiers still wearing them up to the end of the war).

Correct. While Pea Dot was the most common by far, some of the M44 tunic and matching trousers were also factory produced in Oakleaf and Blurred Edge camo.

When the M44-style uniform was introduced in March 1944, the production of Waffen-SS pullover camo smocks was discontinued. As a result, the factories had large amounts of printed Oakleaf HBT material left over, and even some Blurred Edge material. (There was no Plane Tree material left at that point, as production of the Plane Tree pattern had already ceased, due to it being more time consuming than the other patterns.) Since the leftover camo HBT cloth was initially printed for use with smocks, the cloth was reversible. Therefore these M44 uniforms themselves are semi-reversible, with the majority of these early Oakleaf M44 uniforms designed to be worn primarily with the brown Autumn side out, but a few produced with the green Spring camo on the primary side. They also produced matching camo trousers.

Here are some poor quality scans of a couple period shots of the M44 drill uniforms in Oakleaf pattern:

And a couple photos of surviving examples:

DiD had included an Oakleaf M44 tunic in their early 'Helmut Thorvald' sniper figure. It was even semi-reversible like the originals:

DML has posted a teaser of this prototype with M44 uniform back in 2007, which unfortunately never made it to production:

The 2012 Cal-Tek 'Frundsberg' figure had a Spring Blurred Edge M44 tunic and Autumn Blurred Edge trousers:

Toys City released these M44 uniform sets a couple years ago. The Italian Camo and Splinter Camo M44s are custom/field-made items, but the Oakleaf and Blurred Edge are legitimate factory-produced items.

Finally, Battlegear Toys offers a variety of M44 tunics in various camo patterns, including Pea Dot and Oakleaf, as well as some other patterns like Plane Tree, Italian, and Splinter.

While the M44 uniforms were not mass-produced in patterns like Plane Tree, Splinter, and Italian camo, similar style custom-made tunics in a variety of camo patterns were popular among officers.

They are especially prevalent among Waffen-SS officers in Normandy.

But they do show up on the Eastern Front too. And on Heer officers. Like this Heer officer on the Eastern Front:

A custom Plane Tree tunic in this style was released by DML with their 'Nico Hahn' figure:

Similarly, there were also field-made tunics of a similar style produced in Splinter camo:

While they're mainly seen among Heer officers, some Waffen-SS officers also managed to get a hold of these custom Splinter tunics as well, as evidenced by this 'Wiking' Division Obersturmführer:

A version of this style of custom four pocket Splinter tunic was released by DML with their 'Karl Richter' figure:

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