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I tell people I collect DOLLS! When the shock wears off I say well, G.I.Joes that makes it less shocking and most guys say I had Joes as a kid they were cool! Then all the questions come. Most people don't know a Joe from a Bbi or Dragon figure so G.I.Joe covers it well. Some girls I meet think it's cool and one really hot girl I met replied WOW! I collect Barbies heres my number. Well worth it! Too bad my current GF has no hobbies. :-( I have several Jewish friends who don't mind my collection because they know me and know I never beleived in the politics of the German party. I only have one friend I don't tell because he spent most of his childhood in a concerntration camp and both parents were killed by the bastards. Steve even had his back broken at the age of 8 by a German gaurd for stealling a potato! If people can't handel my hobby the can kiss my A** plain and simple. I could waste my money on booze, sports or even worse drugs at least I have something to show for the money I spend and if for some reason I decide to change hobbies I'll get a lot of it back.
So guys don't be shy shout it from the mountain top "I COLLECT DOLLS!!"LOL
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