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Re: Project - 'Wehrmacht Firepower' - PAKem in

G'day all,

Just a quick update ref the 3.7cm PAK 36...

I've now added the final part to the gun - that of a Stielgranate 41 ('stick bomb' so-called from the rod that protrudes from its tail assembly). I found the one that came with the CHE variant was inaccurate in that it fitted to the front of the gun in its entirety as opposed to the tail assembly fitting over the barrel like a sleeve (which it's suppose to); I ended-up getting a mate of mine whose big on 3d printing to produce such a round and its transport container. The trade-off here was that given the model's barrel circumference and thickness, the tail sleeve had to be made slightly larger to fit though is negligible in the big scheme of things.

The Stielgranate 41 ensured the obsolete PAK 36 remained in somewhat effective service even right up 'til June 1944 in Normandy where the Fallschirmjager (who favoured the gun for its lightweight capabilities - an inherent requirement for airborne forces) employed them in Normandy amongst the bocage where concealment was ideal given the relative short range of the bomb which could only be fitted for firing by a crew member brave enough to venture out in-front of the gun shield to fit to the barrel (a blank round loaded into the breech powered the hollow-charge grenade towards its target).

The grenade weighed around 8.5kg and though it was cumbersome to carry it was noted as being extremely effective with a normal engagement range of some 300 metres (once again, ideal for the close confines of the Normandy hedgerows). It was also employed against the Soviets.

I intend to assemble an FJR crew for the gun (which will be posed as is with two of its three shields down for better observation by the commander and firer) to befit the Normandy front. Enjoy, Steve
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