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Project 'Wehrmacht Firepower' - Nebelwerfer

G'day all,

Yes, I've posted a bit of late pertaining to weapons of the Wehrmacht, suffice to say I'm on a roll with several on the go and the latest to add is DiD's all-metal 15cm Nebelwerfer which roughly translates to 'Smoke thrower' or mortar but was more infamously known amongst the Allies as the 'Moaning Minnie'.

The Type 41 fired six 15cm smoke or HE rounds (fired alternately to ensure stability for the launcher during firing). Normally fired in batteries for maximum wide-area effect, the Nebelwerfer troops had to be masters of their trade in terms of quickly set-up, fire and pack-up in order to redeploy to avoid counter-battery fire (the smoke from the grenades when fired a very telling location signature) though more often than not two to three salvos could be launched in quick succession by well-trained crews before moving location.

Additionally, camouflaged launchers were just as susceptible to being found due to the blast from the firing which tended to leave a scorched patch to the rear of the launcher which made them easily identifiable to Allied 'Jabo'.

I've had four of the DiD types in the collection for some years (along with their accessory packs) and whilst I only intend to have one as part of the 'Firepower' display I thought why not 'process line' them for a diorama idea. The rounds that came with the accessory packs are somewhat weight being of a metal alloy so I had a mate 3d print some plastic variants for the launchers (as well as transit cases) whilst the metal ones will provide 'next salvo'. Full and discarded transit containers will be placed around the scene for added detail along with crews and vehicles (such is the plan). The launchers have been so-far fully repainted though, as yet, to apply weathering and fine detailing.

I highly recommend the DiD Nebelwerfer, easy to assemble, to handle and to redo and its relative small size makes it easy to display. More pics to follow as the build process continues.

Enjoy, Steve
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