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First off.... that is not a dress tunic it's an SS officers tunic with the green collar...probably a 1936 tunic with an altered green badge cloth collar....officers tunics also had French cuff's (turnbacks)...offhand i cannot think which figure may have come with that partuicular tunic recently..... if any in quite some time....if your going with the leather overcoat then the answer is buy an enlisted mans tunic with the green badge cloth collar and buy CVI collar insignia i cannot remember Goeth's looks as though it may have been Obersturmfuhrer or Hauptsturmfuhrer with the Totenkopf Division's collar thing your stuck with is the shoulder boards....unless you get some custom made as i doubt you will find those for either rank that easily...DML did put out a carded SS officers tunic with Riding pants and visor but that set has dissapeared long ago it also came with the SS runes collar tab so if you did find a set you would have to cover or try and remove that as it was pre-fixed to the tunic....oddly enough i have that set in my trade list on the Sixth Division so if you are feeling daring enough to do the work and you have something i need drop me a line....good luck.
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