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Re: Post new board issues here

OK, I'll try a quick answer after looking at your sales post.

I was able to take all three posts and post them in one post. The trouble with the original posts is all the formatting used. I am not sure if you are copying and pasting from some other program or creating the posts in the board editor, but all the BOLD and LARGE FONT and WHITE FONT used for so much of the text uses up a ton of characters.

For example, to post these 19 characters:

Dragon Headsculpts:

the system uses 70 characters when al the formatting is added. Looking something like this;

[ U][ B][ SIZE=3][ COLOR=white]Dragon Headsculpts: [ /COLOR][ /SIZE][ /B][ /U]

Every new line adds 2 more characters, so all the seemingly blank lines added to space things out add about 300 characters alone.

Like I say, not sure how you create your list in the first place (my suspicion is copy and paster from MSWord) but it takes a lot of space with all the format tags used.
All together the three posts add up to 18,910 characters.
- The board text is white without having to specify it. Removing all the added "color=white" tags takes about 5,000 characters off the combined post, so now it is down to 13,469.
- Remove all the "size=3" tags and that saves about another 3,000 characters bringing the post down to 10,859
- There are a bunch of blank lines that are BOLDED and UNDERLINED, those ad 14 character each when they are never seen. Removing those saves a couple hundred characters.
- General clean up of extra formatting gets it under 10,000.
See result in a reply

Maybe 10,000 characters is low. It is actually twice the default value used when you setup the board software. Obviously the limit is intended to keep people from bogging down the system with walls of text. I think the limit helps people think about what it is they are posting. If people are hitting 10,000 characters I have to think they are stopping and wondering "wow"

Certainly something to think about. I don't think it is going to change any time soon without some serious thought.
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