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Re: Aircraft Designations - Database

Leonard Robert Johnson flew a P-47 razorback HV-P in the 56th Fighter group w/ red nose and rudder named "Lucky" with a hand giving the finger.

He had 27 kills to his credit out done by Gabby Gabreski with 28. The 56th FG flew the ETO and had codes letters.

The Tuskegee unit supposedly went from P-40's to P-47's prior to getting the P-51 and used plane numbers instead of code letters but they were in the MTO (Mediteranian Theator of Operations.

I did find a P-47 razorback called "The Hun Hunter" which had your yellow stripes on the wings and tail with a red nose but has a plane number (40) on the side instead of code letters so may be an MTO unit. Just found it in the 57th FG MTO. Google it for more info.

Hope this helps some. I'll keep looking!
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