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Question about Waffen SS helmet covers

A Question for those who are more educated on this subject than I...
After much searching of various sites on German helmet covers, particularly Waffen SS covers, it's my understanding that, on the Spring/Fall Oakleaf covers, only the Fall side had the 'pocket' covers stitiched over the helmet clips...the Spring side only shows the stitching. The only examples of this that I've been able to find are on the earlier covers. My question is this-
would the same be true for the later '42 style Waffen SS helmet covers?-the ones with the foilage straps sewn on them?
I'm in the process of improving the Hans Meisser figure to complete my Norrey-en-Bessin 12th SS diorama and am about to take seam ripper to the DML '42 pattern Spring Oakleaf pattern helmet cover in order to remove the 'pockets' covering the helmet clips. I thought I'd ask before ripping...
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