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I suspect you guys saw this...OneSixth UK shutting down


Dear Squidley,

The OneSixth UK website and forum are once again coming up for their two year renewal in mid-December. Sadly, the forum has been seriously under-utilised over the last two years and indeed has not permanent Admin staff at present.

One or two of the previous admins to ocassionally pop by to keep any eye on the place but on the whole OSUK has been leaderless since David, aka Actionman, sadly passed away in may 2018. The place is effectively a ghost forum now.

Rather than ask for further donations to extend the life of OSUK we have taken the decision to allow it to come to its natural end at the end of this year.

We will of course back-up all of the forum data and website info and then shut the place down when the current contract runs its course, which should be just before Xmas. The domain name will be by its present owner.

I'm sorry it has come to this and it is a shame to be shutting the doors, especially when we are only one year short of our 10 year anniversary, but with no-one running the forum and no-one using the forum there seems to be little point in keeping it going.

Thank you all for your support over the years.
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Re: I suspect you guys saw this...OneSixth UK shutting down

I feel lucky to have had the 14 years we've had and hopefully won't have to address this here any time soon
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Re: I suspect you guys saw this...OneSixth UK shutting down

A lot of the forums are shutting down or going dormant from lack of leadership which is usually from lack of interest, just look at OSW (even although that was killed by other means to alienate the members). SAG is still active but not on the scope as it was and other forums have started up but haven't seen the popularity as other past ones.
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Old 11-10-2019, 04:39 PM   #4
Panzercommander HOH
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Re: I suspect you guys saw this...OneSixth UK shutting down

Very sad news!

I sure hope SAG doesn't go away!

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Re: I suspect you guys saw this...OneSixth UK shutting down

Sad to here that actionman passed away

Several other boards I have been a part of in other areas of interest have shutdown after many years online, and not all out of lack of activity or interest. Some are shutting down due to the rise in legal regulations compliance and the time and hassle it takes for admins of casual 'hobby' related boards to manage it. If I were a conspiracy theorist I might wonder if corporate interests are pushing some of the regulations in order to shutdown places where they can't control their message

SAG continues on thanks to the support of the members. It might have a slight limp as the system is getting tired and dated. Unfortunately I have not found a good solution to moving ahead AND keeping existing content online. Setting up a new board isn't much trouble, but moving existing posts to it is troublesome. The last time we made a big switch I left the old board basically abandoned in place, but still online.

I haven't looked at the stats in a long time, but almost no one ever goes to visit the old place. Can't say I blame them. With the debacle of photo-hosts closing or removing images many posts have lost their pictures which makes following a thread rather difficult.

Not sure how to move forward and I appreciate that no one is too concerned or trying yo rush things along :P
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Old 11-29-2019, 07:38 PM   #6
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Re: I suspect you guys saw this...OneSixth UK shutting down

It's a sign of the times as the 12" figure scene has migrated from military and historical towards pop culture.
This is a story you'll tell your grandchildren, and mightily bored they'll be!
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Re: I suspect you guys saw this...OneSixth UK shutting down

I just went back to the old board which I didn't realize was still extant. It is a little sad to see the images gone for the most part. Was happy to see Pangea 95 and a few others were able to save some images and keep them up. I need to find some of my Halloween Bash pictures and repost them one of these days as well as some of our old Panzerwerk vehicles that Steve and I did with Mardon. This all makes me think of the Dark Ages or possibly the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Our war doll pictures are of course far more important to history than those piddling events.
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