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Sgt Biff Steele
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PTO equipment

Hi folks.....

A question about PTO uniforms. I noticed in some photos, marines are wearing leggings with their boots and then some photos they aren't wearing them. Did/or were they issued leggings right up to '45? This info is for a bash I would like to do....


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Hi Biff: I'm no expert but from the little bit I have read, the Marines were issued leggings throughout the war.I have also read that they continued to wear them in the early days of Korea.
Of course just because they were standard issue doesn't mean you have make your bashed Marines wear them. I've also seen plenty of photos where Marines appear to have ditched the leggings. In the field things always seem to loosen up.

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Machine Gunner
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Yes, they were issued leggings.

...and, as noted, they wore them, they didn't wear them, and they wore them with their trousers bloused on the outside of the leggings.

As far as uniforms, Tarawa was the first time a two-piece camouflage uniform was used, but there's plenty of evidence that HBT's were worn, and there was plenty of mixing and matching of camo tops and bottoms with HBT tops and bottoms.

I was reading something yesterday that indicated Okinawa was the first and only invasion where everyone was "uniform".
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Old 10-20-2005, 03:05 AM   #4
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Just keep in mind that army leggings are designed differently from USMC leggings. USMC leggings have only 7 hook and grommet closures as opposed to the Army's which had 16 (at least I think it was 16).
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As others have stated here, the Marines did receive leggings throughout the war. Many chose not to wear them for a variety of reasons. Some being, they are a pain in the ass to put on and take off... Also, in the heat of the South Pacific, Marines opted to not wear them so they can get "air flow" up the trouser legs. They definitely added to the increase in sweat around you calves and feet.

Also some Marines also received the M-43 buckle boots. Not in large numbers, but they were present within some divisions. There are some pics of guys o Iwo wearing them. Some former Raiders and Para Bn guys also maintained their jump boots as well. There were also jungle boots, which no one has made to date... Maybe one day...

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