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Project: "CURRAHEE" - "Screaming Eagles" v's "Green Devils"

G'day all,

Just a quick update regarding the on-going Project "CURRAHEE" series. This one (No. 19 in the series) covers the Battle of Carentan between the 101st A/B Div and the defenders of the crucial town that was vital for the link-up of the two U.S. corps (both of which were struggling to join at the time) between "Omaha" and "Utah".

By the 10th June, General Bradley outlined a plan for the belated joining by having the 101st (consisting of the three PIRs and one GIR with supporting units) take Carentan against expected strong resistance in the form of two battalions of German paratroopers (Fallschirmjager - which ties in nicely with Jaime's recent post on this great figure) and various Ostruppen.

Despite some initially strong resistance from the town's defenders (thanks largely to the rivers, German flooding and bocage - all of which impeded Gen. Maxwell Taylor's envelopment plan), the Germans could not sufficiently supply the garrison nor stand the increased artillery, naval gunfire and air superiority that allowed the American airborne, despite taking heavy casualties, to advance and by the 12th June (just under two days since the attack) the 2/506th PIR met up with the 3/327th GIR in the middle of the town.

By this time, around 60 Fallschirmjager were left in the town as a rearguard defence whilst the bulk of the German troops withdrew; these had to be taken out in-turn and to which this particular scene illustrates as a "Screaming Eagle" prepares to clear an MG42 emplacement with an M2 Frag grenade.

The building ruin was purchased from Germany ( and whilst largely already painted, I've added further detailing including the smashing of the window and brick detailing. Furniture courtesy of a wooden doll-house making firm located here in Australia (Mini-Molly) in the Adelaide Hills (except for the park bench which I got off EBay and repainted/detailed) and the figures largely DML with gear from a variety of 1/6th manufactures (DiD, BBI).

Enjoy, Steve
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Re: Project: "CURRAHEE" - "Screaming Eagles" v's "Green Devils"

Nicely done. Wish MhM would ship those ruins overseas but I can see where the cost, not to mention potential damage, would be too much.
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Re: Project: "CURRAHEE" - "Screaming Eagles" v's "Green Devils"

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Re: Project: "CURRAHEE" - "Screaming Eagles" v's "Green Devils"

Cheers for the kind comments, as for MhM corner ruin, they don't ship the completed building model OS however the 'flat pack' version was avail for OS shipping (and yes it is a sizeable package) which came with bags of rubble and some broken wood pieces. The ruin came with a completely glassed window frame which I thought a tad unrealistic given the blast damage incurred to the rest of the building hence why I chose to remove it, break the glass (clear plastic) and have it out the front with the rest of the debris. The two section building wall slots together into the base recess via two wooden joining pegs and overall is a light piece to move around (prior to adding everything of course). No doubt I'll get a lot of use out of this for such urban vignettes.
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Re: Project: "CURRAHEE" - "Screaming Eagles" v's "Green Devils"

The park bench is a plastic four-piece that snaps together. It comes in orange coloured so I simply repainted in Citadel black basecoat then heritage green before applying weathering effects of old wood for the seating and metallic grey for the armrest support. Cheers, Steve
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Re: Project: "CURRAHEE" - "Screaming Eagles" v's "Green Devils"

A very cool scene, Steve.

Nicely done.

Sixth Scale Collectors Club - Cincinnati, Ohio

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