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1/6 7.5cm PaK 97/38

Jim Fowler

Machine Gunner
Well, I got the Dragon email newsletter this week and it announved the release of the following kit:
1/6 7.5cm PaK 97/38

Anybody know anything about this actual field peice? any pics or info? And, specifically where it was used?
I am also wondering about the shells it used?

I wish they would have just given us a PaK 40 kiy - I think they would have gotten a lot more milage out of it....

Guess it's a "franken-gun". It's the french wwi 75mm field gun (so good at tearing up german infantry) mounted on a pak-38 carriage, with a muzzle break added to tame the recoil.

According to Wikipedia, the rumanians, italians, and hungarians got some on the eastern front. Knowing the germans, it probably got lots of other use as well. From memory, I seem to recall sp-guns based on french platforms sporting the same looking muzzle break...

Here's the article.

7.5 cm Pak 97/38 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

i think I"ll be passing on this one.
Guess it's a "franken-gun"....
i think I"ll be passing on this one.

Yah, I am not seeing it fit into my collection either (DAK).

But, here is an interesting PIC:

And, it appears they were used at Kursk as per this link:


And, here it is on the Atlantic Wall:


That may make it attractive to some folk.

Also, found an ammo diagram:


Maybe the gun breech would lend itself to some kit bashing effort as well?

Well, I will see what other folk can make/do with it...

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