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*873rd L. Flak Regt. Salutes the Sixth Army Group!


Battalion Commander
The 873rd Light FLAK Divison is honored by the award bestowed during this Grand Opening Contest. We salute the High Command for such an inspection. Never before in the annals of competition was this trial more evident. Never before have we seen so many other units vying for the accolades, honors and laurels bestowed upon them by our indominable 6AG High Command and loyal members of the 6th Army group. Thank you for the best contest we have ever entered.


I salute Frasmet for a perfect showing. I was awed by the last 2 pics in his show. The lone sailor which the SAG has honored is absolutely fantastic. I have seen you place and win in numerous contests on other boards and now here at the SAG. Your work is stunning. Great show.

Eduardo has been a fan of mine since the OSB board. He IS a great guy and he deserves this award. He has a certain style which I have always admired. Its always immaculate and complete. Great show!

Russ I dont know much about you, but this was the first Japanese dio I have seen . I have great interest in Japanese because I have a platoon about ready for the Banzai charge! Very ingenious and very good story line. It attracted alot of attention and will also into the future. Great show.

All the entries were fantastic. One was even by a young lady. Some real stiff competition. Ya'll keep it up and If you ever need any advice there are many on this board who are willing to help including myself. We are all here to learn and have fun.

Again I want to thanks everyone, including my wife. I did my dio in 1 week and I stayed up to 3 am every night (gets up at 6 am to drive 80 miles to Athens. I entered at 11:30 August 5th. The flak was done but nothing else. I concentrated on making the 2 cm mag cases and they turned out well. The entire bunker is styro and has been painted inside with the stone texture paint. I highly recommend this. The cool thing about my dio is that its portable. It will be at EDC for sure. If you want to know more let me know! Thanks for a great contest.

Dr. D (thetoysurgeon)
Congrats TS and all those who entered..It takes alot of time and work to make an entry..I for one thank all those who entered..I learned alot from this contest and look forward to the next one..

Also a big thanks to the judges...Without your time and effort we wouldn't have been able to see some of this wonderful work..Thanks guys..

The Sixth Army Group staff salutes you Dr. D, as well as all participants of this contest. Each and every entry contributed to the success of the contest and we are tremendously pleased to so such a high level of participation. As with any contest somebody gets to take home the gold but in my book, every entry was a real and true winner! I hope everyone enjoyed the challenge of cooking up a dio, we sure enjoyed seeing them. :)
Thanks for your kind words.
Congratulations on your entry which was aperfect setting for your amazing quad 20mm which has to be the 1/6 model of the year!
Congratulations to all!

You did a great job TTS,
A salute to you and all entrants who participated!!!
And congrats to the winners!

(nice final set-up you made there!)

Greetz from Holland, Anouk :-P