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Book Review…..The World of One to Six by Berta and Ulrich.


Hello all,

Review…..The World of One to Six by Berta and Ulrich.

I’ve recently got my hands on a copy of the first issue of Berta’s new book about the world of 1/6th scale figures. It’s the first in a series of “how-to’s, tips and techniques” from the craftsman that are know as “the 12inchfactory”. I must admit the photos are very easy to follow……….repainting grenades, the repaint of a kar 98 can be applied to any weapon type that’s a combination of wood and metal. Headsculpt repainting is an art. In the first issue Berta covers this with a very easy and self-explanatory tutorial. As with all things it’s great to get or have the tips and techniques on hand and explained in such an easy way. Just to back this up he also shows you how to put glass eyes into a headsculpt for that added realism!! But then it’s all about finding ways to work that suit you as an individual. It’s good stuff to put you on the right track. He also delves into the history surrounding the theatres of war in which he places his custom figures. Parts lists and figure brake-downs are included also as an easy reference point to start your own kitbashing.

pages can be viewed at his homepage by clicking in the head banner “publications” and a section can be viewed. The web address for those interested is http://12inchfactory.de/index.htm

for interested parties with any questions, I would imagine that a PM or contact through his web homepage is best.

Prices are as follows

*28.50 + 4.50 P&P Europe Airmail
*28.50 + 7.50 P&P Worldwide Airmail
*28.50 + 1.50P&P Germany Surface

*all prices in Euros.

Payments can be made through Pay pal or an order via E-mail to 12inchfactory@action.ms