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Contest Rules

Sixth Vanguard

Board Flunky, aka Site Admin
1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Award will be determined by a panel of non-participating judges.

SAG Staff is not be eligible to enter.

This single figure contest will be based on a theme of the war in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Hungary from the period between January 1, 1945 through the end of the war.
The rules are as follows:

1. Your entry can be of any one figure representing a combatant (official and non-official) that fought in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Hungary from January 1, 1945 through the last day of the war.
2. You may NOT utilize vehicles of any sort, in any way.
3. You may utilize crew served weapons that were man portable by 3 or less individuals ie 50 cal, MG 34 etc. The spirit of this rule is that the weapon should be an accessory to the figure to reinforce the intended role purpose of the figure and not a centerpiece.
4. Your figure can be photographed utilizing artificial or natural backdrops. Backdrops will not be judged however, a 1/1 tricycle in the background will detract from the overall presentation of the figure.
5. Entries will be unique to this contest, and shall remain exclusive content of the SAG until completion of the contest and announcement of the placings and winners. Upon announcement of the winners, feel free to share your entry with other forums/venues if you so desire.
6. Digital enhancements will be utilized for the purpose of obscuring the background and balancing the color/contrast/brightness of the photo as well as cropping. No other enhancements shall be allowed ie special effects of any kind, airbrushing/touchups etc.

A small accompanying article shall be submitted with each entry outlining the story/history behind your figure, as well as detailed information on modifications etc. This is your opportunity to elaborate on your efforts.

Figures will be judged by the following criteria with level of effort considered in each:

1. Historical accuracy of equipment, uniform and weapons relevant to the time and place of the contest theme.

2. Realistic pose of figure.

3. Scratch built items.

4. Modifications and enhancements including painting.

5. Photography

6. Combined (overall) effect of all judged elements

Judging will utilize a point system whereby each judge will assign points on a scale of 1-10 for each of the 6 criteria. The cumulative score will be averaged to determine the total point count for each entry. In short, your figure should be a historically accurate and realistic representation of a participant of theater and era depicted. This point system allows each figure to be judged on it's own merit rather than being judged against other entries. Each criteria has the maximum potential of adding up to 16.66% towards your cumulative score. This allows the widest margin for participants to have an equal chance.

**Special Note**​
Entries will be anonymously posted by SAG admin. An announcement will be made prior to officially opening the contest as to how to submit your entry. DO NOT POST PROGRESS PICTURES OF YOUR ENTRY IN THE FORUMS OR THEY WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. We realize that you may want to share, and we are all anxious to see the entries however in the interest of fair play we are going to post the entries in a special area which will be open for viewing throughout the course of the contest.

Documentation Photographs​
You may submit 1 actual photograph to reinforce accuracy or as evidence to an unusual subject. This photograph will not count towards the 8 photo limit.

- No more than 8 photographs, size no greater than 800X600, will be submitted. Collage type photographs will not be accepted.
- Email your entry to sixthvanguard@gmail.com, attaching your images to the email. DO NOT zip the image files into one zip file, but attach them individually.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Midnight Pacific Time, 5/31/2007

[hr:86cbee1635]As always if you have questions about your entry you may contact myself or any of the site admin for clarification on the rules.
A clarification on a question from the membership, Since the pose is a part of the judging criteria only ONE pose will be allowed in the entries.