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Dennis Widner AKA The Toysurgeon


Awesome crate's , i got his mine crates and a .30 cal crate , and have more on order , another real nice guy , easy to deal with .
I've always been a big supporter of Dennis and his wonderfull custom creations, and have several many of his goodies now In addition to the custom work he's done for me, and all of It Is excellent. Dennis Is a great guy to deal with, and provides a quality product. Depending on the availablity there's a wait at times, but Dennis doesn't charge you untill he's ready to ship, and maintains excellent communications. His most recent project, the quad flak 38 Is just mindblowing. I look forward to his future offerings, and highly recommend him :)
I got the jack and block set and the spare track set for the Hetzer from Dennis, TOP NOTCH stuff all the way. Besides great quality products, Dennis is a GREAT guy to deal with as well.


Dennis you out-did yourself. My order just arrived 2 minutes ago and had to post asap.......The boxes are superb with live rounds in them and all the spent shell casings........just awesome. Along with a earlier order (20mm flak gun) I couldn't be happier and look forward to my next purchase from you.....

thank you Dennis :-D ,

you help me out of an impossible hole and created me some outstanding pieces 8) .

great person to deal with ,good comms all the way along the way.

thx Ray
Just recieved my end of a deal with Dennis and have to say the crates are superb, I have acquired quite a few and was going to use some of them for stowage on the Bergehetzer but have decided they deserve better than being buried under a pile of kit so the next project in between orders is a complete workshop interior to sit the Bergehtzer and crates in!!

Excellent service from Dennis and would highly recommend his products!

If you haven't given Dennis a try yet, you are missing out. I picked up his 2cm Flak cannon and some spare mags and they are simply little works of art.
I just recived my light set from Dennis. What great parts. I can't wait to get the jack set for my Hetzer.

Thanks, Chris
I recently got 2cm Hangelafette turret from Dennis and it as simply perfect.
The angles, the height the moveable parts are all fantastic. A lot of very nice details inside and out.
I will be finishing it soon and placin it on my 234 chassis. When he delivered the turret we gave it a "dry fit" on the chassis and it fits perfectly and looked perfect too!
Sometimes it is hard to say what is wrong with a piece, but when it is right it looks right, and that is the case with the Dennis' Hangelafette!
The turret came assembled and painted in basic ordenance yellow.
So if you are planning on a 234/1, 250/9, 38(t) recon version or the 251/23 you need one of these turrets from Dennis!

I will paint the turret and weather to match my chassis and then will post some images out in the yard, hopefully soon!

If you already have a Puma, you can swap turrets and have two vehicles on one!

I also got some of his ammo crates many years ago and they are also fantastic.

Dennis is a great guy to deal with, deal with confidence, and as they say on ebay, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!