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Dragon Models Box Sets selling on eBay

Hey everyone,

Heads up a seller on eBay has been auctioning or BIN Dragon Model WW2 Box Sets. Goes by nab52 (not sure if he's a member here or not). Picked up Axel Haas and Hinrich Weller both for a little over a hundred which is a great deal these days.

Just FYI. Happy hunting
That is a good find and so many of DML's classic back-in-the-day range. Unfortunately I only just saw this post and the bidding had long ceased but fortunately I do have all the figures that were on offer. I still have many boxed which I had intended to use as the basis for 'composites' or for spares over the years which I'll probably look at shifting sometime next year in a long-overdue effort to make some shelf space for the themed projects I've done over the years. My eventual plan come 2026 is to gradually sell all my 1/6th scale stuff for someone else to enjoy as that is the year I plan to put in my last themed diorama series at the local annual ScaleACT. I'm amazed how cheap some of the ye olde' boxed figures go for given how much they were when released. My first figure ('Hans') was $89 AUD when it came out back in 1999 yet I bought another a couple of years back for $29 USD so that I had a couple of boxed examples of the figure that got me started. Steve
At first glance 'Zhukovsattic' looks to be next on my list next time I get a couple of hours to peruse...thanks for sharing, Steve
I'm amazed how cheap some of the ye olde' boxed figures go for given how much they were when released. My first figure ('Hans') was $89 AUD when it came out back in 1999 yet I bought another a couple of years back for $29 USD so that I had a couple of boxed examples of the figure that got me started. Steve

A lot of Dragon's first offerings will only hold nostalgic value to those that were around since the very beginning. What I mean by that is that the first couple years everything was plastic or resin and the quality is sub-par compared to what is on the market these days. You can still find a lot of the old Dragon figures '99 to '03 for pretty good prices but once they started pushing out better items starting in '04 prices go up. The exclusive Cyber Hobby and Dragon Expo items command even more of a hefty price tag these days. And even more so for their old vehicle offerings. What I'm surprised that with so many offerings that they went so fairly cheap. Granted some went up to top dollar but the rest were fairly reasonable price wise.
Concur whole-heartedly ref the 'nostalgic value'. I have three full tubs of Dragon's early figures and true they don't hold up well unfortunately for my dioramas (particularly headsculpts, combat load carriage equipment and uniforms. However, without them I would've had little to steer me towards the 1/6th scale craziness that is my half of the garage (and spilling over into my wifes) today. I used a lot of the early release stuff to outfit a German 81mm mortar platoon a few years back so that I could use up alot of my spares and in order to make them more uniformed in appearance ensured that there was none of the more realistic headsculpts used. Sort of a homage I guess towards the figures that first got me going - 'Hans', 'Klaus', 'Heinrich' and 'Eric' (DML's first double pack - the MG34 team), 'Siegfried', 'Alfred', 'Dieter', 'Edmund', 'Klein' and 'Gross', 'Lang'...I could go on. They were definitely figures for their time and in a way they took 1/6th figures to a whole new level. Steve
Interesting comments on the early releases, in general I agree later figures are way better but I find some of the early individual items quite desirable. Take for example KAR98 ammo pouches, the early plastic non functional ones with some dry brushing are perfect, they are the right scale and just look right, the later functional ones are way too big so look odd and are susceptible to breakage (I suspect the pleather ones will shed their skin eventually too). Early plastic helmets too often have better detail molded into them and include the bonus they don't make figures topple over!
So IMHO as above later figures are generally better but don't dismiss some of the early gear.
Concur with CAPT Darling's comments, I've quite a few of both however I do find the later releases (those which function - with care of course) more suitable to my needs. I've a similar issue with a lot of DML early kit such as entrenching tools, waterbottles, miscl. weapons pouches and such.

One item of early release that I do utilise over the latter is the plastic helmets as the metal Stalhelms tended to not only be oversized but also make the figure top-heavy during display. Of course the black elastic chinstrap is craptacular but I replace it with brown leather strips retaining the buckle part of the fastening only...works a treat. Cheers, Steve