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Entry #10 General Specific


Site Admin
The war has not been going well for the German Army. Massive Defeats on all fronts have decimated German Forces, the remnants of which have either attempted to retreat to the father land, surrender, or chosen to obey Hitler’s decree and fight to the death

Along with 2 other guns, a Self Propelled gun from 1st Panzer Army attached to Army Group South had been instructed to cover the retreat of the remnants of the German forces trapped in theKamenets-Podolsky Pocket. Within hours of the retreat, two of the 3 defenders had been destroyed, leaving Leutnant Gruber and his crew behind as the sole defenders. Choosing tact over shear lunacy, Gruber decided to pull out and follow in the footsteps of their retreating comrades Alone, far from home, and desperately short of supplies, the crew were forced to scrounge what fuel ammo and provisions they could find while crawling their way back to the Fatherland.

Exiting his mobile field gun in his usual cautious manner, Leutnant Gruber was weary of his surroundings. He felt uneasy about a stop so close to the allied advance, however this was the first Pak 40 compatible ammunition they had happened across since leaving the Kamenent-Podolsky pocket and the promise of supplies was deemed worth the risk. Crew Gunners Ernst Hessler and Ludwin Nasse were instructed to quickly survey the abandoned position for whatever salvage what they could and load it up for a quick departure. Driver Joachim Pieper had remained in the Mobile Gun in the event they should need to make a hasty withdrawal.


Disappointed there weren’t more rounds to salvage the crew had successfully loaded 3 crates on to the tank and were transporting the 4th when they were met with a startling surprise. The self Propelled gun they had called home for the last one and a half years was ripped apart, as if Zeus himself had slung a mighty thunderbolt from the Heavens tearing the steel queen to pieces as though she were made of parchment.


The following seconds seemed to last hours for this battle hardened crew. Brining themselves to their feet, they were faced with the sight of Leutnant Gruber, a man whom had been a father figure for these past many months, lying against a stone wall; A cold stare in his eyes like that of a thousand men before him. Death at his feet. Summoning the courage the two men rushed to man the once abandoned Pak 40, Hessler scanning the horizon for any signs of enemy activity. Nasse furiously searching for the only round he knew had survived the explosion.


Experience from battles fought in years past had provided the two men with something a battle crew can only achieve through a trial by fire. The ability to perform their duties in with astounding speed and accuracy. Within moments Hessler had spotted the Enemy Ace and was repositioning the gun for the kill. Nasse, with a fire in his belly was hurdling toward the gun at an impressive speed, shell in hand. Neither man needed to be reminded that they had only one shot to take out their adversary. One shot at revenge


The Gun almost in alignment, Nasse knew he couldn’t wait to chamber the round. A split second delay meant the difference between winning and losing, the difference between life and death. In the distance the enemy tank had spotted the two unlucky Krauts and was realigning to dispatch the remnants of former SP Gun Crew.


With the round loaded, and the target aligned, the gun was fired. Both men assuming the positions they had done hundreds of times before.


With ringing in ears, the two men shot up from behind the gun shield to see their adversary smoldering in the distance. Rounds could be heard cooking off within the hull of the iron beast like victory sparklers dancing in the fading light. But this was no time to rejoice, both men rushed to where they had last seen their beloved commander.


Sitting in a puddle of bloodied mud, the Allied Tank was not the only mortally wounded casualty of the day. Leutnant Gruber had the look of a marked man in his eyes. With what little life he had left, he gave the two men his final orders. To find their way back to their ranks, fight if possible, and surrender if necessary. And with that, The Man that had forged these boys into men of steel, slipped away into darkness.


Daylight was setting and the two men knew the cover of night would be their best chance at sneaking past any Allied Patrols.

With a tear in his eye young Ludwin Nasse bid farewell to his commander and set off with his comrade in search of friendlier ground. In search of a land he once called home.