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ENTRY # 10 - kowalski

Sixth Vanguard

Board Flunky, aka Site Admin
16. SS-Panzer-Grenadier -Division “Reichsfuhrer SS”.
Army Group South
Yugoslavia, April 1945

The 16RFSS was moved secretly in February from Italy to Hungary were it was
invloved in the desperate last battles of the war, initially assigned to the
XXII Moutnain Army Corp.
Under constant pressure from Soviet attacks during March and April, the unit
was divided and some of the units surrendered south of the River Drau, in
southern Austria.
Elements able to fight on, assited on the withdrawal of German troops from

The figure represents a grenadier, still fighting in Yugoslavia in April of
A relatively newcomer to the division he was sent to Italy earlier in the
year and his equipment and uniform is typical of the very late war SS
In rare quiet moment, he thinks of home…knowing he will never see his home






Description of components of the figure:

HS: DML "Pieter", repainted
cap: DML, custom
uniform: DML "Karsten"
gloves: DID
boots: DID
helmet: DID weathered
G43: DML repainted and weathered
equipment: DML weathered
flag: custom
Very nice miniature Juanjo! :!:
Wonderful job on the HS, you made the most uot of the limited Pieter sculpt.
Very nice pose, delivering a message.

If it had been up to me this one would have placed among the winners.

Que siga la fiesta!