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ENTRY # 12 - Tiger Calico - First Place Winner

Sixth Vanguard

Board Flunky, aka Site Admin
Between January and February of 1945, the IV SS Panzer Korps, composed by the 5th SS Panzergrenadier Division Wiking and the 3 SS PanzerDivision Totenkopf, fought alongside with other elite SS units trying to stop the advance of the Soviet Army on Budapest. The operations Conrad I and Conrad II ended with the capitulation of the besieged and destroyed Hungarian capital. Then,the Wiking Division was ordered west into the area of Czechoslovakia in defensive operations.









the figure:
headsculpt: sideshow toys figure of Manfred Von Richtoffen, repainted.
body: dml modified.
hands: sideshow toys,repainted.
M43 SS cap( einheitsfeldmutze): Onesixtunique,weathered.
helmet: dml,weathered.
Uniform: coverall with winter fur hook ,dml,weathered.
oberscharführer rank pips of the collar insignia: CVI.
Boots. short brown German boots of Newline miniatures.weathered.
belt,breadbag,mess ,canteen: dml ,weathered.
Entrenching tool: Did, weathered.
rolled zeltbahn oakleaf spring: Battle gear toys.
Panzerfaust 30M: dml, weathered.
MP44: dml,repainted.
sick grenades: dml ,repainted.


It´s my first contest in the SAG and I must say that all the entries were very nice!!!!Congratulations to all,my friends!!!!! :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: