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Entry #2 egonzinc


Site Admin
“Emieville, 1944”

Pak40 and crew
Panzerjager Platoon / 8. (Heavy) Company
Panzergrenadier-Bataillon II
Panzergrenadier-Regiment 125
21st Panzer Division

Emieville, Bois de Bavent
“Operation Goodwood”
July 18, 1944

21st Panzer Division

After being destroyed inNorth Afria, the 21.Panzer-Division was reformed in June of 1943 in France. It remained stationed in France for the next year, being deemed unfit for service on the Eastern Front. The 21.Panzer-Division was still in France when the Allies launched their invasion of Normandy in June of 1944, and the division was thrown into action against the Allied postions as the only Panzer unit to do so on the 1st day of the attack, June 6th. Most of its armour was lost early in the battles, but the Grenadiers of the Division fought in and around Caen for many weeks.

Operation Goodwood

Allied preparatory fire for Operation Goodwood was provided spectacularly byalmost 1,000 heavy and medium bombers dropping over 15,000 bombs. The German positions to the east of Caen were carpet-bombed and many of the villages were reduced to rubble, disrupting the German defenses. The shock value of the intense, short bombardment was high. However, the German artillery on the Bourgebus Ridge was not hit by the bombardment and was outside the range of British artillery and by chance the defenders at Cagny and Emieville were largely unscathed. These sites had clear fields of fire into the path of the British advance.

The Crew

Obergefreiter Johan Altman, Gun Commander

Obergefreiter Jan Weiss, Gunner

Gefreiter Helmut Lesser, Loader

Schutze Phillipe Kramer, Ammo Handler

Schutze Willi Neuman, Ammo Handler

Gefreiter Friedrich Schreiner, Opel Maultier Driver/ Ammo Handler

The Story

The crew was part of the three gun anti tank platoon of the 8th heavy company.

The platoon had been deployedalong the edge of the small town of Emieville, overlooking the farmland to the west. They placed the Pak40 gun in position, and spent the night in the cellar of a nearby abandoned farm house, taking turns on guard duty. They had their Opel Maultier prime mover hidden behind the cover of the trees. The pre-dawn bombardment nearby was frightening, but their area was untouched!

The experienced gun commander, Obergefreiter Altman had a feeling, an attack would come soon.

Theallies probably thought of this area as good tank country, but Johan knew it was also good tank-killing country.

Now they just sat around waiting, looking at the horizon, and the skies above…

Early in the morning a rumble in the distance…..

“Lets get ready boys it looks like they are finally coming…”

“Schreiner, Neuman, get more ammo from the Maultier…”

“Weiss, Kramer, Lesser, prepare for action!”


“Load first round”


Schreiner and Neuman,already back from the Maultier with more AP rounds.

Obergefreiter Weiss aquiring first target. Gefreiter Lesser has second round ready and Kramer continues to get the rounds out of the cases.

“Weiss start with rear most tank of the group and work your way to wards the front”


“Gunner ready to fire!”




“Keep the AP rounds coming boys. More armour coming across our front!”


“Prepare HE rounds just in case infantry turns up on the horizon!”


“Keep pouring the fire on, they are turning away…”


“Jan, maintain fire as they turn!”


“Cease Fire! Stand by, I’m sure they’ll be back ...”

“Watch the skies for incoming fighters…

Great job boys, perfect shooting Weiss!”