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Entry #24 "Russ Seacat III" 3RD PRIZE


Site Admin
"Ruh Roh"

Pick any island under the finding itself part of the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere after the Battle of Midway and you have the setting for a Japanese underground bunker. Realizing the futility of the Bonzai charge, the Japanese chose to "dig in" and assume a purely defensive posture in an effort to take as many allied lives as possible in hopes of an entreaty to peace. In this particular instance, a light machine gun bunker on the island of Okinawa in 1945 is constructed of bamboo and wood and cleverly concealed in the side of a hill. As one man's junk is another man's treasure, one man's ventillation pipe is another man's grenade chute. For those not fluent in Japanese, a collective "Ruh Roh" can be heard echoing from inside the bunker.






Congratulations! It is so cool to see the orginal "GI Joe" can still show strong! A great subject, well executed, great job!
That base is simply amazing! I never liked soing ground work for dioramas as I could never make coninving well. . ground. But that looks like a piece of the island has bee magically miniaturized. I hope you do a tutorial on that for the rest of us.
Cool dio Russ, nice to see something PTO for a change of pace, great presentation. Big congrats, and thanks for your participation :)
Great job on this one..I really like your Jap troopers..A nice presentation on a portion of WWII that is often overlooked in our hobby..Congrats..
Better late than never....This dio was/is by far my favorite. The multiple angles tells the story without words. I also like the use of the old style Joe.