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Entry #3 Leatherneck


Site Admin
Saipan D+2 (17 June 1944).

Historical notes:

On Saipan, Marines wore a mix of the frog skin camo uniforms (usually green side out), and the green utility uniform. I have used both in my dio. The M1A1 Rocket Launcher (Bazooka) was used by the Marines on Saipan. The enemy on Saipan was mostly IJA troops, however IJN troops were encountered as well, esp in the vicinity of Aslito Airfield, where my story takes place. I have chosen to make my enemy troops Riku-Sentai (Japanese Special Naval Landing Force), for this reason. The Type 100 SMG was also found on Saipan, so I have chosen to arm my Riku-Sentai Petty Officer with this weapon. The Riku-Sentai are manning a PAK-36. I have seen evidence that the Japanese bought such guns from the Germans before the war, and evidence that they at least used their copy of it on Saipan, so I have taken the license of using a PAK-36 on Saipan. I don’t think that this can be proven or disproven. The terrain approaching Aslito Airfield on the southern half of Saipan was relatively flat with a slight upward slope as one moved inland. There were some marshy pockets as well. The area was cultivated, with sugar cane fields being the primary crop.


Saipan, Marianas Islands, June 17, 1944, D+2. 1st Plt, Fox Co., 2 Bn, 25th Marines is leading the Regimental advance through the cane fields to capture Aslito Airfield. Resistance by remaining Imperial Japanese Navy troops in the area has remained steady as 2 / 25 advanced.



“You need to see us, Lieutenant?”
“Yeah, get up here, Corporal, and keep your head down – that gun been pounding the crap out of us!”


“Keep up the firing - We will hold the Gaijin back! The Army may have failed to do their duty to the Emperor, but we are the Riku-Sentai. They cannot overcome us.”
“Hai, Petty Officer Fujimori-san.”


“Listen up, Corporal Hunt. The airfield is only a hundred yards beyond that gun. I’m sick of sitting in this ditch getting shot at, and we can’t get through to the company to call up mortars, so here’s what we’re gonna do: On my command, we’re going to lay down a base fire on that gun. As soon as we start shooting, you and PFC Dubinsky hit ‘em with the bazooka. We’re gonna have to do this when they are between shots, and we probably only have one chance”.
“Aye, Aye, Sir! – just give me and Jimmy a minute to get ready.”


“OK, Jimmy – as soon as they start firing, I’m gonna pop up with the bazooka. Don’t waste no time loadin’ me or we’re dead!”
“…1st Squad, fire on that gun!”


“OK, Jimmy, here we go!”


“Let ‘em have it, Marines! Keep firing!”


“You’re loaded – FIRE!”





“Cease Fire – Cease Fire! Nice work Cpl. Hunt. Marines, advance!”