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Entry #5 veritasz34


Site Admin

Normandy 1944

A small group of 12th SS Panzer grenadiers find themselves In a bad situation. The Allied invasion has happened, and now the war Is taking on a new pace. This small crew has just found out that HQ wants this position held due to It's importance, with very little means to accomplish this. Supplies and armor support are some distance away, they will have to improvise........

Phone rings........"JA..Sir It's HQ"

"Ja.....Dorr here"

"Dorr,the invasion by the Allies has happened, we have them on several fronts at this time, your position Is key to the advancement of our panzer forces in this area!!! They have already been deployed to your position, recon has told us that small-scattered infantry, and light armor are In your area. It Is key that you hold your position at all costs!!! Good luck Dorr. HQ out."

"Gentlemen, get up and back to your posts, we have been invaded!!! We have to hold this position with what we have here until re enforcements arrive, they have already deployed panzers to our positions. Light armor activity In the area has been confirmed, but expect heavy activity quickly. Armor, and infantry have been confirmed In our sector, whats here to deal with this....."


"Rockets are all gone sir, the schreck Is out of the question."

"We have rockets for the pipes."

"Load It, we'll just have to improvise!!!"


"They'll have to come down this alley to see our position, we'll throw smoke out first, then fire the pipes and hope for the best. This has never been used in this type of capacity, I hope the panzers arrive before the Allies do!!!"

"Tank!!! It's a light one."


"Smoke out, Smoke out!!!"

"Take protective positions. Activate......Activate!!!"



"Is It a hit? Is It a hit?"

"She's smoking like a train sir, nothing that small could survive a hit like that."


"So this Is what Allied armor smells like In the morning, reload, I'm sure more will be on the way. I only hope the panzers get here quick, we can't hold off many more with the supplies we have. Back to your positions!!!"