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Entry #6 Lost Records


Site Admin
MG34 team, 23. Infanterie-Regiment, 11. Infanterie-Division, Volkhov–Ladoga, October 1941.

11. Infanterie-Division:

This unit was formed in October 1934 in Allenstein. It was originally known as Wehrgauleitung Allenstein*.
Shortly after the unit was established it was given the cover name Infanterieführer I**.
The organic regimental units of this division were formed by the expansion of the 2.(Preußisches) Infanterie-Regiment of the 1.Division of the Reichswehr.
It was formed mainly of Prussian and Rhineland personnel.

With the formal announcement of the creation of the Wehrmacht (which had covertly been in place for over a year) on October 15th, 1935, the cover name Infanterieführer I was dropped and this unit became offically known as the 11.Infanterie-Division.

The 11.Infanterie-Division took part in the Polish campaign in 1939 as part of 3.Armee, Heeresgruppe Nord.
It played a minor role in the French campaign of 1940, and was also part of the initial invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 under 1.Armeekorps, XVIII.Armee, Heeresgruppe Nord. Notably, the division took part in the rapid sweep of the Baltic states, and later in the harsh battles around Zoltsy. A staple unit of the siege elements around Leningrad for the next year, the division was instrumental in holding the Soviet offensive of 1943 south of Lake Ladoga, in which it took heavy casualties.

Pulled from the line for rest and refitting in Greece in late 1943, the fresh 11.Infanterie-Division was posted once again to the Leningrad sector where it fought in the Battle of Narva, and was subseqently involved in the general withdrawl from this salient to western Latvia. It became one of the encircled units of Heeresgruppe Nord in the Kurland Pocket when the Soviets penetrated to the Baltic sea in late autumn of 1944, cutting them off. It remained a staple "fire-brigade" of the Kurland front until April 30, 1945 when it was evacuated from the Kurland pocket to what was left of the Reich, along with the 14.Panzer Division.

These two German soldiers, Obergefreiter Rolf Peters and Schutze Hans Witt have experienced the face of war during the sweep through the Baltic states. The winter is approaching, and on a cold October day they are ordered to cover the company’s left flank with their MG34.

“Hans, we’re supposed to cover the company’s left flank with our MG. There will probably be a lot of Ivan coming in a couple of hours, and they are relying on us to do the job.”

“Damn, we always get to do the dirty work!”

“Shut up and get moving Hans!”



"Get down!"

"They must be far away, I didn't hear 'em firing"


The Russian mortars continue to pound the forest for about 15 minutes.

"I think they've stopped now, lets get moving!"

"This will be a perfect spot to set up our little heater"

"Yeah, at least the Russian don't have to freeze any more once we
start killing 'em, I'm freezing my balls off right now!"


Hans and Rolf hear gunfire and the sound of vehicles and It’s coming closer.

"Hurry Hans, get the ammo!"

"OK, It's coming up, try to not waste It as you usually do, we haven't
got that much!"

"Shut up Hans, I haven't missed with a single bullet since 1939!"

"Yeah, your mum should be proud of you, the Super Nazi Ivan Killer!"

"Oh, stop It, please!"


"Everything ready Rolf!"

"Ivan over there, fire!"



"Keep firing Rolf, and I'll keep those belts coming!"



"Ivan Is closing In on us!"



"I think that was all of 'em for now, but we gotta be ready for

"Damn It, we need some re-enforcing on this flank, we can't take any
more attacks like this one!"