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ENTRY # 7 - Fernandopm

Sixth Vanguard

Board Flunky, aka Site Admin
German Skijager on patrol. Slovakia, 1945.

Historical background:
The 1.Skijager Division was the first and only ski troops unit of divisional size in the German Werhmacht. The division was formed in mid-1944 in Bavaria, by expanding the former Skijager Brigade into full divisional status. The order of battle for the 1.Skijager Division dated January, 1945, showed this unit as one of the best equipped divisions of the German Army with a large complement of heavy weapons and armour (StuG-IIIs and captured T-34s) almost as a Panzergrenadier division. The soldiers of the 1.Skijager Division were also issued the best weapons available, including large quantities of the newest automatic and semi-automatic rifles, such as the StG-44 and G-43.

The figure:
In February, 1945, the 1.Skijager Division was moved into the territory of Czechoslovakia and took positions in the region of Slovakia, near the border with Poland. This figure depicts a Skijager on a long range patrol during that time deep into the Slovakian forests. He is dressed in the reversible winter camo uniform, wearing the trousers with the white side out and the parka with the splinter camo side out for better concealment in that snow covered wooded terrain. The reference photograph shows this style of wearing the winter parka and overtrousers.

He is armed with the powerful Sturmgewehr StG-44, but has acquired only one three-pocket magazine pouch for his weapon. He also carries other standard German field kit items, such as water bottle, mess kit, breadbag, A-frame pack and folding e-tool and bayonet, as well as a civilian blanket, just in case the patrol takes too long.

One of the photographs also shows a close up of the distinctive Skijager insignia attached on the side of the standard M1943 field cap. He received the Skijager badge just after coming back from the patrol.

How the figure was made:
The uniform and field gear parts of this figure are from DML, except the gloves and blanket straps that are from Pat Lin, the Y-straps from DID and the blanket itself that was homemade. The StG-44 leather strap was also homemade.

The uniform pieces and field gear items have been given a light weathering with pastels and acrylics paint, both diluted and dry brushed.

The HS is from the DML figure Horst Lerner and has been touched up with diluted acrylics paint. The M1943 cap is from DML with CVI eagle patch and the beautiful Skijager badge from Patrick Breaux (aka Nomad65).







Very nice job on this one. Liked the simple yet effective set up and the natural sorrounings is perfect for the miniature.
Many Thanks for all your comments and congratulations to all the participants and of course to the winners, they truly made some masterpieces for this contest !! :!: :!: