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France, Summer 1944/Category 3, Diorama....


Site Admin
The guns had fallen silent on the battlefield

The smell of battle was still In the air as 2nd Armour passed the knocked out German Anti-Tank position

Although the smoke had cleared there was plenty of evidence of the battle that had previously ensued

The dead telling thier silent story of the violence that had raged just a short time ago

"Looks Like we missed all the action"

"Don't you worry none, you'll be seeing plenty more where we're going"

Having been badly battered In the hedgerows of Normandy they were more than happy to be breaking out Into open country, the race was on, time for a little payback

After having secured the area, some of the veterans of the previous action take a well earned break

"Yes General, we have secured the area, 2nd Armour Is passing through now, looks like we have the Germans on the run......"

Thier break Is to be short lived though, the war Is not over yet, and they just received orders to move out with 2nd Armour

But the sun Is shining and they are alive, It's a good day with hopes of being home for Christmas......The Germans have other ideas though, but that's another story.
Thanks guys, I think this is the first contest I've been able to enter since before we started the SAG(was always a judge or organizer, etc), had a blast doing this dio, it was shot down in Conn at the Military Museum, I was the only one that showed that day LOL :mrgreen: