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Heavygang's AH 250 Reference CD


Company Commander
Steve was kind enough to send me a CD containing detail pictures from his ultra-detailed Armor Hobbies 250 build. It is my understanding that he will be offering these for sale to the general public in the near future. You know, just in case others want to try to achieve similar results (yeah, right!) as he amazingly has on his build. I am currently working on another 250 myself and contacted Steve directly as most of his posted pictures were no longer up online.

Here's a list of what was included on the CD as divided up into descriptive folders (# pics per folder listed in brackets):
Dash and radio (9)
Door and Hinges (16)
Driver's Side (14)
Evolution of a 250 (10)
Fender Details (33)
Firewall (7)
Forward Fighting compartment (10)
Overview (7)
Parts and hull lamination (46)
Parts layout (9)
Port side detail (4)
Radio Operator's side (9)
Rear detail (7)
Running Gear and Steering (24)
Seats and Bench (22)
Starboard Side detail (10)
Storage box and decking (31)
Tranny, axles, and brake levers (12)

That's close to 300 photos! I am really glad he organized the photos in folders like this! It eliminated hunting through the pictures for what I was looking for. He also included a list of the parts he bought/where they came from and also what he scratch built. Solves the problem of searching for things. Some of the pics appear to be repeats of others but if you look carefully there's usually some fine detail that wasn't there before. Also of note is that there are pictures of most everything before it was primed so you can tell what was and what wasn't part of the original vehicle (mostly everything!).

I am thoroughly pleased at having this reference. There are things I never would have noticed looking through all the postings he made. It's nice to have it all in one place. It does give me some new ideas about things I'd never thought of doing before, especially not to the extent they were done on this vehicle. It truly is a great reference to have at hand while building and very humbling at the same time. Steve/Heavygang has produced an honest to goodness work of art in his vehicle.
Is there any way to get a copy of the disc? I could really use ALOT of help in building the one that I have, Thanks.