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Japanese Type 95 light tank-scratchbuilt AFV

Tank Mechanic

I decided to enter my Type 95.I finished most of it in 2006.The photos are also from then.It has a 1/2 in. square steel tube frame.The frame supports all of the running gear and R/C components.The R/C components are from a 21st Stuart.A fellow hobbyist gave me the running gear.The only parts (other than R/C parts) that I did not make were the main gun barrel(Hasbro 37mm) and tracks.There are 9 pics total.Walkaround 1

Closeup 1

Walkaround 2

Closeup 2

Walkaround 3

Closeup 3

Walkaround 4

Closeup 4

Walkaround 5
It looks amazing! I don't think my staghound will be able to compare :D
What did you make the running gear from?
I can't wait to see all of the other entries as well.
Running gear was made from sheet styrene,plastic pipe and the "rubber tires" are vee-belts (fan belts) epoxied to the wheel rims which are made from the pipe.
Very nicely done.
And I thought the Canucks had it bad in Shermans against Tigers, sorta turns the tables up against an M4.

Tracks came off a motorized toy tank.Actually took 3 of them to supply enough track.Close to correct,not an exact match.Width is off by 1/16 of an inch.
Hi Tank Mechanic.

Excellent work! It's nice to see a piece of Japanese armor. Especially when it's done so well.

Very nice.

kind regards

Back at you on a great job, Anyone who goes out and builds any AFV from scratch that no one has ever built is the Best in My book.
Already posted so.................. another shameless bump!

Ha I have all the post!!

Na na nan na boo booo...............!!!

This is such a unique and well done scratch build. It's one of those I keep coming back to look at again and again.

All my jap infantry is so jealous. So am I...Fantastic job You need to briing that baby down to St. Augustine beach this summer for Tarawa part 2.
So cool to see a project like this, we don't see many pieces of Japanese Armor, always a pleasure to see something different and unique :!: :!: :!: