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top notch guy , stunning items , i own several of his hats and belts , crazy detail fast service , and just a nice guy to boot !
PJB is top notched......I have bought just about all of his products and they are all superb.....will order even more!!!!

I've purchased a buncha goodies from Nomad65 over the years and have always been very happy. His insignia Is amazing, and his service was always great, fast shipper with good communications, and a top quality product. I highly recommend Patrick, one of the better customizers out.
One of the Best customizers out there and a outstanding nice guy!!!!.......Don 8)
Hello. I am Chris Quick from the Netherlands and now i will ask where i can buy the collar tabs and boards from Nomad. I am looking for a Unterscharfuhrer. Regards Chris
GREAT STUFF!!! I recently bought a few sets of his "LAH" and Panzer "Lehr" cipher sets for my Panzer troops... VERY COOL items... I also had the pleasure of talking to him at DX'06 and seeing his "portfolio" of items there as well... One word, "AMAZING!!!"
I just received some edelweiss cap badges and 5th gebirgs unit badges from Patrick. Great quality and communication. Products are amazing, with prices way below value. He even threw in an infantry assault badge, free of charge. Stand-up guy.

Jamie C. Kendall
Finger Lakes, New York
Panzer Tabs

I'm not sure if this is the right section for this if not MODS please move to the correct section...
I just received a pair of Nomad's 1/6th scale pink piped panzer tabs with metal skulls and I am impressed. Here is a scan of the tabs please disreguard the lint with high resolution it realy shows up
I just received a pair of his panzer collar tabs with the metal skulls and I am totally impressed, they are fantastic and well worth what I paid for them.
I just completed my first deal with Patrick (quite frankly, I can't believe it's taken me this long to get some of his stuff)...
I'm completely blown away by th quality of his work, the speed of his completion and shipping, and his correspondence...this ceratinly won't be the last time I use some of his amazing works of art!
Thanks again,
I just finished putting 12 sets of shoulder boards and 12 Flak badges on my crew that I received from Patrick. They are fantastic. This crew is ready to fight.
Thanks Patrick
I will just add my oppinions, wich are the same as everyone elses. Nomads stuff is top notch, really nice!

I have just received my order of badges from Patrick, and to say i am stunned at the detail on them would be an understatement. As they are just superb, and as shown below i throughly recommend them for your figures. The Narvik shield and the enamel Gebirgsjager badges are i believe from Dragon, and they were supplied as a replacement by Patrick.


How he makes these i will never understand, as they are almost tiny and so well detailed. And as for the way the shoulder insignia has been wound so well, is just outstanding. Even the SS runes and rank insignia stand out as well.

Excellent work from a true gentleman.

Many thanks again.