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Pangaea95's Halloween Bash


Site Admin
It is late in the war, Hitler's gamble in the Ardennes has failed, it is late January 1945 and Germany is being pushed back on all fronts, in desperation Hitler has turned to the occult and summoned his most evil of henchmen to turn back the onslaught of the Allied advance.

In this series of photos we find the "Evil Four" discussing the situation, tactical options, and planning of a strategy for a counter attack in the west. With limited resources and up against a well supplied enemy, the discussion has turned more into an argument of fiends who never got along all that well to begin with.

Due to a shortage of time.....and writers block I've decided to let you, the members come up with the dialogue, although the pictures kinda tell a story on their own, I thought it would be fun to see what people came up with. Enjoy, and have a happy, and safe Halloween :mrgreen:







Very Scarrrry!!! sure am glad to see the SS did not get blamed on this one, . I told you the Bananas were there, who was to know they were moved. And next time make sure you feed your men before the attack.
NIce pics Randy! I think they're discussing the best way to Frankenstein's Castle so they can do the Monster Mash. Nice stack of Nebelwerfers you got there too!